Italy: M5s, Venezuela funded the M5S Campaign with 35 million euros in 2010

The reconstruction of the ABC newspaper

Spanish newspaper ABC published exclusive news about M5S on its homepage. According to a conservative newspaper, the Venezuelan government Hugo Chavez (Hugo Chavez) will provide the Grillo movement with a non-cash loan of 3 million euros and half cash in the summer of 2010. The money could have been brought to Gianroberto Casaleggio in the form of a briefcase through the agent of Gian Carlo di Martino, the consul of Milan Venezuela. Services available to Venezuelan newspapers. And repost the cover in a tweet:

The M5S was founded in 2009, when it participated for the first time in the administrative elections. The populist Movement has never concealed its position close to the Nicolas Maduro regime, which was the foreign minister of Chavez at the time of the incident and publicly opposed Venezuela’s interim President Juan Guaidó.

On Monday, sources at the Venezuelan embassy in Rome considered the report “false and ridiculous,” adding that Venezuelan authorities will take legal action. The source said that the campaign was “completely unknown in Venezuela” in 2010.

M5Spolitical leader Vito Crimi said the story was “ridiculous fake news” and added that “we will consider legal action.” Casalegio’s son Davide said: “I don’t allow my father’s name to be covered in mud. “He created M5S in a transparent manner and has never received public funding.” Senator M5S said the report was “dirty political action.”

Source: Italian media

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