Matt Dillon Joins Venice Festival Jury


Organizers said that American actor Matt Dillon has joined the jury of the 77th Venice Film Festival. Dillon replaced the Romanian director Cristi Puiu who was unable to attend the event from September 2 to 12. The Venice Film Festival thanked Puiu for accepting the appointment after his appointment, and thanked him for his sensitivity in trying to fulfill his promise, even if unexpected difficulties occurred.

Matt Dillon’s successful film career spanned three decades, demonstrating his extensive theatrical and comedy talents. Dillon played the race policeman in the acclaimed Paul Haggis film “Crash” and starred in his outstanding performance. This role won him an Oscar, a Golden Globe, a Screen Actors Guild Award, a Critics’ Choice Award, a nomination for the British Academy of Film Awards, and won the Independent Spirit Award. In addition, this film won him the Screen Actors Guild Award and the Best Chorus Award.

From his breakthrough performance in “The Outsider” to his comical turn of becoming an obsessed private detective in “The Thing About Mary”, he proved himself to be one of the most diverse actors of this generation. In addition to outstanding actors, Dillon also directed the first feature film on “City of Ghosts” (City of Ghosts) and collaborated with Gérard Depardieu and Strahan. Stellan Skarsgård and James Caan starred in their own feature film directors.   

Recently, Dillon directed a documentary that he is currently in post-production about the Cuban soul singer El Gran Fellove. 

The following is the final composition of the international jury of 77 countries in Venice: Cate Blanchett (President) (Australia), Actress; Matt Dillon (USA), Actor; Veronica Franz (Austria), Director and screenwriter; Joe Anna Hogg (UK), director and screenwriter; Nicola Ragio (Italy), writer; Christian Pezod (Germany), director and screenwriter; Ludivin Saganier (France), actress.


Source : Italian media

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