Vienna : Sigmund Freud Museum reopens


Vienna’s most famous Museum finally reopened its doors, after 18 months of renovation and reconstruction. The rooms where Sigmund Freud lived and worked will become an exhibition facility in the newly renovated museum. 

This new approach allows us to rediscover the founding father of psychoanalysis. It is sure Freud would enjoy it.  If you are on the trail of Sigmund Freud, you will come here –Berggasse 19, Vienna, Alsergrund – to the cradle of psychoanalysis. 


And like his patients over 100 years ago, you too will stand downstairs at the door and ring the doorbell of a world famous professor. 


As soon as you step inside, it becomes clear that the Sigmund Freud Museum is no ordinary memorial site. 


It’s a place that retains Freud’s spirit to this day. But it also serves as a warning against the loss of culture and humanity under the terror of National Socialism.

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