Portugal: 84 new hotels in Porto


The Porto City Council is developing 98 licensing procedures for new visitors, 84 of which are hotels, which will increase the offer prices for hotels in the city (especially the historic city center) by 84%. According to the City Council, 98 processes for new tourist development are in different processing states: 23% are in progress, 29% are approved construction projects, 9% are finalized, and 39% are work permits. expired.

Of the 98 licensing procedures, 84 involved hotels, 13 involved tourist apartments, and only one involved housing tourism. Based on the collected information, it can be concluded that 86% of the processes are for hotels, accounting for 92% of the expected total capacity, and bets are mainly concentrated on four-star (52%) and five-star (19%) ) Units, accounting for 82% of the city’s expected new hotel units.

The document aims to monitor and describe the permits for the development of tourism and record the growth prospects of the city’s supply. The document also states that the investment in these projects is approximately 193 million euros. According to the advanced data in the July announcement, the implementation of the ongoing new tourist development process will increase the supply of hotels in the city by 84%, from 117 to 215. 


The accommodation capacity will increase from the current 13,761 to 21,488, an increase of 56%.

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