Day: November 22, 2020

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France to relax the Covid lockdown rules

The French government said on Sunday that France will begin to relax the coronavirus lockdown rules in the next few weeks in three phases to avoid another outbreak in the pandemic.    On Tuesday, President Emmanuel Macron will deliver a speech to the nation on the virus situation and may announce a partial relaxation of […]

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The Delicious Austrian Coachman’s Goulash

This beef stew benefits from coachmen who drive traditional horse-drawn carriages (“Fiaker”) around Vienna. Production Method. How to cook it: Step 1: Organize the meat by removing bones, fat and muscles, but do not remove the gelatinous part of the meat. Cut the meat into bite-sized cubes, then cut the onions.  Step 2: Heat the […]

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Italy: incredible discoveries in the ancient Roman city of Pompeii

The ancient Roman city of Pompeii  brutally destroyed by Vesuvius never stops revealing its secrets.    In a mysterious area recently excavated, archaeologists have made incredible discoveries.    They carefully cast the two bones in plaster to restore them to their human form two thousand years ago. Frozen in the ashes, his hands are as […]

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Portugal is the fourth largest wine producer in the EU

  According to data released by Eurostat on November 19, Portugal is the fourth largest wine producer in the EU in 2019, with an output of 700 million liters, accounting for 5% of Italy’s total.    Last year, the European Union produced 15.8 billion liters of wine-including champagne, sparkling wine and port wine-Italy contributed the […]

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Greece: Athens Virtual Marathon extended to November 27

The Greek Athletic Federation (SEGAS) and the Athens Marathon Organizing Committee announced that due to the increasing interest of runners from all over the world, the ongoing Athens Virtual Marathon event will be extended to November 27.    Organizers also considered lock-in measures for personal exercise in Greece. Registration will continue until November 27, so […]

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Venice will reintroduce entry fee next year

The authorities of Venice have confirmed that fees for anyone to enter the city without an overnight reservation will be charged on January 1, 2022. “In view of the current situation of the Covid-19 pandemic, we have decided to make an important gesture on the optical means that we hope to encourage tourists to return,” […]

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