Azores, Algarve and Braga among best places to live in Europe


“Forbes” magazine and the European Best Destinations (EBD) organization once again became the focus of Portugal, this time including the sunny Algarve, the northern cities of Braga and the Azores, listed as “Americans living, investing and 20 best places to live and Work in Europe”. 


The list was created by EBD and published by Forbes. It is based on “various standards, including the existence of international schools, quality of life, healthcare system, internet connection, airports adjacent to international flights, cost of living, active immigrant communities and Low crime rate”.

For those who want to “spend the next part of life in the sun”, Algarve is highlighted as “one of the least densely populated countries in Europe, some of the most beautiful beaches, with more than 330 per year sunny day”. 

EBD wrote: “With an enviable quality of life, the region attracts not only retirees from the UK, France, Germany and Italy, but also young workers, nomadic workers, who surf the Internet every day before surfing the Internet. .”

In São Brásde Alportel (São Brásde Alportel) is one of the recommended locations, “the hills are planted with orange trees and have spectacular sea views”. “If you like surfing or walking in nature, choose Aljezur and enjoy a higher price per square meter. For short stays of one to three months, Lagos is very active and fashionable.” Algarve is close to Lisbon, and many international schools are praised.

Elsewhere in Portugal, Braga is known as “the happiest city in the country” and “a podium for the city with the highest quality of life in Europe”. “Portugal Rome” is known for its history and gastronomy, not only attracts entrepreneurs and families (because of its quality of life, green spaces and international schools), but also attracts those who wish to invest in tourism. The city is the highest in the industry in Europe One of the growth rates.”

Outside of mainland Portugal, the Azores is described as an archipelago of nine incredible islands, in which “local governments have adopted many incentives to attract companies and start-ups.” “By reducing the value-added tax (5%, 10%, and 18% respectively), the Azores is one of the destinations with the highest quality of life and the most cost-effective real estate in Europe.


The average price per square meter in the Azores is almost higher than that of the United States The average price is three times lower.”

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