Barcelona mayor exhorts residents not to shop on Amazon


The mayor of Barcelona, Ada Colau, exhorted Barcelona residents not to shop on Amazon during Christmas, but to consider local independent stores. 


Due to the economic crisis triggered by Covid-19, the neighborhood and local businesses have suffered severe consequences. In addition, Colau responded to the words of Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo a few days ago, saying that Amazon “does not pay local taxes or bring wealth.” 


The first deputy mayor, Jaume Collboni, supported Colau, asking citizens to “be aware” that every purchase made on Amazon “enhanced the cheating model of competitors” and that the company did not pay for what should be paid in the country or city All taxes. 


For Colau and Collboni, the economic crisis triggered by Covid-19 has shown the importance of local trade, which has brought “vitality” to the city. “Without trade and food, cities would not be the same. It would lack soul; to have a safer, more vibrant and cohesive city, we need them to be able to reopen and fill the streets and squares.”

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