Portugal: Algarve Hotels suffer occupancy drop for the next two weekends


Due to the latest municipal travel restrictions announced by the Portuguese government, the Algarve Hotel’s “low bookings” activities for the next two long weekends have been cancelled.


João Soares of the Portuguese Hotel Industry Association (AHP) and the owner of a hotel in Quarteira told Global Travel Agency, “People were surprised and had to cancel their reservations.” “We launched a campaign and offered a special price. We hope people will come, but it’s no use.”

Elidérico Viegas, chairman of the Algarve Hoteliers Association (AHETA), said these restrictions smashed all hope that the long weekend of bank holidays can provide some much-needed “oxygen” to hotels in the area. Now, when about 80% of hotels are closed, their focus has shifted to festivals.

Viegas said: “The hotelier is waiting (Christmas) to hear the news about Christmas and New Year so that they know how to proceed.” 


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