Portugal: New restrictive Airbnb measures

As the New Year approaches, Airbnb is developing more restrictive measures in Portugal to avoid the possibility of hosting parties when booking. 


In this way, Portuguese guests who have not
received historical positive reviews on the Airbnb platform will not be able to book the entire night of their stay on New Year’s Eve. 


In addition, Airbnb will maximize the potential of the technology to limit certain local last-minute bookings made by guests who have no history of positive reviews on the platform, and block bookings within a certain range. 


On the other hand, all guests must confirm that they will not host parties, and Airbnb can report them if they violate the rules of parties and events; regardless of their history on the platform and the type of booking. 


It also tells the landlord how to further reduce the risk of unauthorized gatherings, including updating guest rules and actively communicating them to guests. 



Moreover, the Airbnb platform will maintain a virtual control center to predict such situations, and the center will provide well-trained security officers on New Year’s Eve.

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