Portugal: Turismo do Algarve Restructured Its Network


Turismo do Algarve has restructured its tourism office network and trained its professionals to inform businessmen in the region about the innovation introduced in the second phase of the Treasury Support Act for Covid-19 Tourism Micro Companies, provided by Tourism Portugal . 


After assessing the availability of hotels that can accommodate health professionals and participating in a campaign to collect food for poor families, the Algarve Tourism Authority now supports companies that have been active and working independently since the beginning of the pandemic. 


This new model of cooperation allows personalized information to be sent to local travel companies, because the necessary distance already exists between businessmen in the industry. 


Since face-to-face services have been reduced and information can now be shared with tourists through online platforms, there is an opportunity to strengthen the services provided by the 20 tourism bureau professionals mentored by the Algarve Regional Tourism Board (RTA). 


“We are living in challenging times and need to be constantly reinvented, that is, due to the reduction of tourism activities. Therefore, we are looking for a new format in the neighboring environment to continue to support companies in the area” said João Fernandes, president of Turismo do Algarve.

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