Portuguese police visited over 3000 elderly people during Christmas

Lusa News Agency reported that the Portuguese police force visited more than 3,100 elderly people on Christmas Day alone to reduce their social isolation during the pandemic. 



The GNR police said in a statement that it visited the elderly between December 18th and 24th and hoped to be there especially on December 24th, which is the date of traditional family gatherings. 

According to the statement, GNR has adopted the approach of “strengthening actions with the elderly” and intends to provide “social support” and raise awareness of “fraud crimes”, which are mainly affected by regular visits to the most vulnerable groups such as the elderly houses. 


“The event is called “Christmas to keep our seniors”. According to the Lusa News Agency, only in Viseu, Vila Real, Leiria and Viana do Castelo, the number of elderly people spending Christmas alone is higher.

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