Switzerland will not close ski resorts during year-end holiday


Health Minister Alain Berset said on Thursday that Switzerland will not succumb to foreign pressures to foreign ski resorts during the closure of the year-end holiday, as some neighboring countries have done. 


The government is scheduled to discuss its “middle way” approach to the pandemic on Friday, which keeps the country relatively open and relies on public compliance with health measures aimed at slowing the spread of COVID-19. This shows a mixed blessing and a high rate of new infections.

After visiting health workers in Basel, Bursett told reporters: “Switzerland has not responded to pressure from other countries.”

He said that Bern has always been in contact with its neighbors. He added that nonetheless, if people think that Switzerland benefits from the prudence of others, public opinion may oppose Switzerland. 


He admitted: “We are not under pressure, but if there is a sudden outbreak across Europe and others will say it is from Switzerland, Switzerland’s reputation may encounter difficulties.”

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