Denmark: Travel to all countries will be limited from January 9

Denmarkwill restrict travel to all countries from January 9th and advise against restricting the spread of the new coronavirus, especially the more easily spread mutations first discovered in the UK and South Africa to limit the spread of the new coronavirus. 


Before that, it was decided this week to further tighten the already severe economic and social blockade. Foreign Minister Jeppe Kofod told reporters on Friday that the travel measures are “the logical result of domestic measures taken by the government in the past few days”. 


So far, the Danish authorities have not found traces of the South African coronavirus variant, but they estimate that by mid-February, the British variant will become the main variant in Denmark. 


Transport Minister Benny Engelbrecht said at a press conference that starting Friday, only people who have a reliable purpose and can prove negative for the coronavirus can enter Denmark.


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