Greece: High-speed internet access in museums and archaeological sites


Thanks to the cooperation between the Greek Ministry of Culture and the Greek telecommunications giant COSMOTE, high-speed Internet access in Greek museums and archaeological sites will soon become a reality. 


This move will put the country firmly into the digital age, allowing visitors and the site itself to take advantage of all the benefits of free, high-speed Internet access. Greece has many very important cultural sites, including museums with ancient masterpieces and countless ancient monuments and temples. 


With wireless Internet access, 25 museums and archaeological sites in Greece can provide state-of-the-art services, such as unique audio and video guides and augmented reality, which is currently part of many museum displays and is an immersive experience Part of the visitor’s experience. 


Visitors to these sites can also use the free high-speed Internet to search for more information about the site and the entire history of Greece, and share their experiences in Greece with others on social media.

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