Italy: Florence’s iconic Uffizi Gallery reopens


Florence’s iconic Uffizi Gallery reopened on Thursday after closing for 77 days related to COVID. Director Eike Schmidt called on the students in the Florentine dialect : “If you want to play truant, fare forca” , means : “then come here”. 


Visitors to the Uffizi Gallery can not only admire the unparalleled collections of the Florentine Renaissance, but also see the masterpiece by Joseph Wright of Derby on loan from the National Gallery in London, entitled “The Bird Experiment with inserting a pneumatic pump”. 


They can also participate in the archaeological show “Queens, Empresses, Freed Slaves, Faces and Secrets of Roman Women”. 


A tour guide and a Florentine woman were the first to return to the famous museum. Schmidt said: “After 77 days, this is the longest lockdown period since World War II. Welcome back to the Uffizi Gallery.”

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