Italy: New rules for UK nationals residence

Italian authorities confirmed that British citizens wishing to move to Italy will require long-term visas. “According to the Italian immigration regulations applicable to third country nationals, starting from January 1, 2021, British citizens who plan to stay in Italy for more than 90 days (“long-term residence”) within 180 days will be subject to the requirements of their home country visa,” read a statement posted on the website of the Italian Consulate in London on Thursday.


It affirmed that : “From now on, Britishcitizens can submit long-term visa entry applications on or after January 1, 2021.” If you apply for the following purposes: Learn, Religious purpose, Mission, Elective residency. 


You can apply for a long-term visa from January 1, 2021 for the following reasons : -Work (including sports-related activities and research) -Family reunion and adoption -Investment and startups -Conversion of a residence permit originally issued for study or internship purposes. 


The consulate confirmed that British citizens who come to Italy for less than 90 days (180 days) do not need a visa.

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