Portugal: Emergency plan for homeless in Braga


According to local media reports, due to the northern weather forecast, the northern Portuguese city of Braga launched a contingency plan for the homeless on Saturday. 


The City of Braga stated that the homeless will benefit from the Emergency Housing Center (CAE) and the Population Concentration and Support Zone (ZCAP) due to the temperature change between 0ºC and -2ºC from January 2 to January 6.  There will be a group of people on the street to assist them. 


The plan takes effect at 7 pm on Saturday night and continues until 9 am on January 7. After that, the weather forecast will be updated and the plan may be extended. 


According to the Institute of Oceans and Atmosphere (IPMA), 16 of the 18 regions of mainland Portugal were under yellow warning on Sunday due to the cold weather.

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