Prague: Christmas trees to be reused in social services

After the Christmas and New Year holidays, local authorities of Prague are faced with a long and complicated process of removing decorations and restoring the original appearance of the city. 


One of the important issues facing every environmentally conscious city is how to make Christmas trees, which become redundant after only a few weeks of “service”. Fortunately, some cities like Prague have proposed clever recycling methods: This year, the Czech capital will use the woods on its Christmas trees to make furniture for social installations. 


Last week, employees of the city of Prague have begun to demolish the Christmas tree on the square in the Old Town. In addition, in the next few days, 1,100 Christmas decorations in the form of public lighting and 30 Christmas trees will disappear from the streets of Prague. 


However, the 17.5 spruce will go another way. In order to express concerns about green, ecology and sustainability, the city government decided that the tree that decorated the Old Town Square during the Christmas season will not be used in landfills or incinerators as in previous years, but will be used to the last piece.


Vít Šimral, a member of the Board of Education, explained: ”It is a pity that such mature trees are not used as a symbol of Christmas in the Old Town Square. During the holidays, we agreed that the wood provided can be processed for the Home for the Elderly”. 




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