Spain: Increased number of British citizens interested in buying home


In the first week of January, the number of British citizens interested in buying a second home in Spain increased significantly by 40%. 


The real estate company Taylor Wimpey Espana  revealed that British citizens interest in buying Spanish real estate has increased by 39%. According to records, there has been a surge in the number of possible British buyers who used virtual tour groups to select ideal properties in some Spanish regions (such as Mallorca, Costa Blanca and Alicante). 


In addition to the British, German citizens (up 55%) and Belgian citizens (up 44%) are also seeking to buy real estate in Spain, which can be used by them to spend their holidays or for other purposes. 


“Unfortunately, the United Kingdom and Germany are currently locked down, while Spain, France and many other countries have extensive restrictions,” said Mark Pritchard, marketing director of Taylor Wimpey Espana. 


Pritchard pointed out. According to him, this does not mean that potential buyers have not considered “owning a house in the sun.”

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