Spain launches new plan to support tourism sector


Juan Molas, Chairman of the Tourism Commission, believes that digitalization, personalization and talent will be the key to helping Spain’s tourism industry recover from the devastating situation triggered by the spread of the coronavirus pandemic. 


Molas’s comments were made at a meeting between the directors of ObservaTUR Zoom, “This laid the beginning for the recovery of the industry in April.” Many directors believe that new technologies are essential for the restoration of the tourism industry. 


“We absolutely have to think about D-day. This will be in early April. It will be restored, yes, or yes, I am absolutely confident about it. First of all, we have to believe for ourselves, either because of vaccination or because of The tests carried out at the place of departure and destination can be effective.” 


The chairman of the Tourism Bureau pointed out at the meeting. Moras said that before that, the tourism industry must be prepared. He emphasized that the authorities must first analyze the aerial view of the world, especially the aerial view of Europe.

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