Spain may reopen tourism by end of summer 2021


The Prime Minister stated that Spain will not welcome international tourists until the “end of summer”. 


He announced that tourists to the Spanish coast will not be able to come until almost all the population has been vaccinated. This has dealt a blow to the tourism industry. 


Mr. Sanchez said at the 113th meeting of the Executive Council of the World Tourism Organization (WTO) in Madrid on Wednesday, January 20: “Only mass vaccination can open the way for the normal conditions we hope.” 


The Prime Minister went on to say that once 70% of Spain’s population has been vaccinated (he hopes to be vaccinated before the end of the summer of 2021), the country will be “gradually” ready to welcome international tourists. 


Sanchez pointed out that Spain is in a leading position in the launch of vaccines, ranking ninth in the world, and one of the earliest countries in Europe, adding that my country will become a “beacon of the resurrection of tourism in the world.” The current tourism industry needs “will attract the tourism of the future”.

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