Spain: New measures to prevent third Covid-19 wave in Andalusia


Juanma Moreno, president of the Andalusian Autonomous Region, said everyone in the region needs to prepare for the new measures that will be outlined on Friday, January 15th, which are facing the third “explosive Covid wave”. 


Moreno has hinted at tightening restrictions on inconvenience earlier this week and said residents should not turn houses into “micro restaurants” as he said. The term refers to many people who invite guests to eat at home without realizing that the virus is spreading so fast that it can be easily spotted from close friends or family. 


The Minister of Health and Family Jesús Aguirre announced on Wednesday that the new restrictions will be published this Saturday in the Official Bulletin of the Autonomous Republic of Andalusia (BOJA). 


Similar to the restrictions in March 2020, the closure of municipal restricted areas and the reduction of curfews are considered one of the new measures. For example, this means that if you live in Marbella, you will not be allowed to travel to Mijas Costa, with exceptions of course, work and medical reasons, etc. The curfew time is expected to be reduced to 6.0 pm at night.

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