Storm Justine makes its way toward Spain


On Friday, January 29, the new Atlantic Deep Sea Storm Justine began to spread across Spain, but it is expected to be fully affected on the Andalusian coast on Saturday afternoon. 


After experiencing an unprecedented week of temperatures similar to spring, many areas have witnessed record high temperatures. 


Justine, the tenth strong storm of the season and the fifth so far in January, is expected to bring heavy rain and gust. In some places it can reach 90 kilometers per hour. 


Currently, most parts of the country are receiving yellow warnings, which experts call “explosive” storms. 


The high wind will move quickly from west to east on Saturday afternoon, which coincides with the high tide on the eastern coast of Andalusia, where 7 winds and 4 meters high waves are expected. Meteored’s experts added: “This is a new high-impact storm that will bring us intense rainfall, snow and squalls.”

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