Sweden seeks clarification on Pfizer vaccine price


The Swedish Health Agency is seeking clarification from the European Union, telling it how much COVID-19 vaccine doses must be paid to Pfizer for each bottle, and hopes to find the answer before payment is made in a few weeks. 


Sweden’s Dagens Nyheter reported earlier on Tuesday that Sweden will withhold payments for Pfizer-BioNTech vaccines until it clarifies the number of doses to be paid. Pfizer charges six doses per vial instead of the agreed five doses. Sweden now hopes that the European Commission and Pfizer will reach an agreement on the dosage in each vial. 


“Yes, it is true, but in this case, there is no current bill to pay, so this is not a problem. We hope to get clarification before then. Pfizer Sweden declined to comment to Reuters on this report, but told Dagens Nyheter that the drug charges six doses per bottle.


 “We have used this number since the sixth dose of the drug was approved. The newspaper quoted Ulrika Goossens, head of communications at Pfizer Sweden, as saying: “We must follow the approved product summary. ”

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