US lets British and European travellers back in


Hours before the inauguration of the 46th Democratic President Joe Biden, the outgoing President Donald Trump has decided to lift the 2020 entry ban on European and British travelers. 


The White House has announced this decision, which shows that President Trump has signed a new declaration that lifted entry restrictions for travelers from 28 European countries. 


“Understanding that the nature of the threat posed by COVID-19 will change over time, I instruct the Secretary of Health and Human Services to advise me on whether to continue, modify or terminate the restrictions I have previously imposed,” President Trump stated officially as the White House posted on the website. 


The statement further stated that on January 12, 2021, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued an order requiring all travelers arriving in the United States by air to present a COVID-19 negative test certificate or from COVID-19, from January 26 Start.

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