Austria: Stricter lockdown measures from Monday


The Austrian government has decided to implement stricter quarantine and entry rules from Monday, Febraury10, to prevent the rapid spread of new infectious variants of the coronavirus pandemic. 


In addition, the country’s authorities also announced that, due to the current pandemic, they have extended border controls with the Czech Republic and Slovakia


According to, people entering Austrian territory must go through a 10-day mandatory quarantine requirement. 


So far, if an arriving person has a negative coronavirus test result, he is eligible to leave the quarantine area after five days. 


People wishing to enter Austria must show a negative result of a PCR test or an antigen test when entering their country. In addition, they must also fill out an online form. 


Cross-border commuters are exempt from quarantine rules; however, they must register with the authorities once a week and show a negative PCR test result. Previously, cross-border commuters did not need to register when entering Austria. 


In Austria, a total of 418,283 people have tested positive for COVID-19 and 7,902 have died.




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