Denmark: Government to relax coronavirus restrictions


Denmark plans to allow shops and some schools to reopen in March. This is a long-awaited move, but this may increase the number of hospital admissions for coronavirus in the coming months. 


Denmark is one of the countries with the lowest infection rate in Europe. In order to curb the more contagious variants of the coronavirus, the government introduced lock-in measures in December. After that the overall number of infections has declined. The Prime Minister called this a “calculated risk.” 


The government will allow shops under 5,000 square meters to reopen, and outdoor leisure activities can resume up to 25 people. Schools in parts of the country will also be allowed to reopen, but students will be required to take self-tests twice a week. 


The government said that these measures are based on the recommendations of the expert advisory group, which may increase the number of hospital admissions. 


Health Minister Magnus Heunicke said at a press conference: “More activities will also mean more infections, and therefore more hospitalizations.” He added that the number of hospital admissions for COVID-19 may reach a peak of about 880 in mid-April, three times the current 247. 


Finance Minister Nicolai Wammen said on Wednesday that the reopening of stores is expected to contribute more than 2 billion kroner($326.9 million) to the Danish economy every month.

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