European countries start allowing vaccinated travelers


Some European countries have begun to allow vaccinated travelers to bypass the usual entry requirements, such as 14-day quarantine. 


According to the “Washington Post” report, the Estonian government does not allow passengers traveling in the United States due to EU regulations. Entry restrictions were recently announced that it will allow individuals in low-risk countries that have recovered from the coronavirus within the past six months or have received an approved coronavirus vaccine to visit individuals without isolation. A previous certificate of positive for coronavirus or a vaccination certificate in English, Russian or Estonian can be accepted. 


British officials said that the Romanian government, lifted its quarantine requirements for vaccinated travelers on January 18. Passengers from licensed countries such as the United Kingdom are allowed to enter without testing or isolation. 


The island of Cyprus is considered a European territory by the European Union, and American travelers are not allowed to enter. The island also announced that, starting in March, it will welcome travelers who have been approved for vaccination to Europe. 


The Polish government is also subject to the European Union’s rules that prohibit Americans from entering the country until further notice, allowing passengers from European Union countries to carry a vaccination certificate. Poland’s entry rules say: “Persons vaccinated under COVID-19 are exempt from mandatory quarantine (based on a certificate confirming that they have been vaccinated against COVID-19).” Since December 28, permits have been provided for vaccinated passengers.

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