France bans unnecessary visits from outside the EU


From the first minute of Sunday, January 31, France has banned anyone who attempts to enter its territory from outside the EU for purposes that the French authorities consider not absolutely necessary. 


French Prime Minister Jean Castex announced the decision from the Elysée Palace on Friday, January 29, after the meeting was held with the National Defense and National Security Council on COVID-19. 


The Prime Minister highlighted the key COVID-19 situation currently facing France. He explained that due to the development of the so-called English and South African COVID-19 variants, France has decided to impose additional restrictions on the current curfew measures, which in his opinion Has a real but insufficient impact. 


“Unless there is a compelling reason, any entry into France and any export from our territory to or from countries outside the EU will be prohibited. This will be implemented from 00h on Sunday,” PM Castexsaid.

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