Greece will be open to all vaccinated travelers


Greek Tourism Minister Harry Theoharis clarified on Wednesday that Greece this year will be open to all visitors who have a negative Covid-19 molecular test or a vaccination certificate upon entering the country. 


Wanting to put an end to rumors that Covid-19 vaccination will be the exclusive prerequisite for traveling to Greece, the minister told Thema 104.6FM that no hotel in the country will deny hospitality to a visitor who has not been vaccinated. 


“The prerequisite for someone to travel to our country (and stay) will be the negative molecular test or the vaccination certificate,” Theoharis said, adding that if someone does not want to show their vaccination certificate when entering Greece, they can present a negative coronavirus test. “In any case, personal data will be protected,” pointed out the minister. 


 The idea behind travelers with vaccination certificates is that they can move freely within European countries, without restrictions such as being required to undergo tests for Covid-19. 


On the other hand, unvaccinated citizens will be required to submit a negative PCR test or antigen test at border points (and possibly quarantine according to the country’s regulations).

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