Italy: Mount Etna volcano spews lava and ash


After the volcano spewed lava, ash and volcanic rocks, Italian teams cleaned the area around Mount Etna on Thursday. 


The municipal team largely anticipated the activity of Mount Etna, the most active volcano in Europe. Authorities closed the area around the crater on Tuesday, but activity still forced the temporary closure of CataniaAirport in nearby Sicily. 


Mayor Alfio Cristaudo said: “The entire territory and all streets of Pedara are covered with volcanic ash and the constellation of celestial bull.” 


The volcano erupted again only 30 hours later: According to Volcano Discovery, the volcano suddenly popped up at around 1 am local time on Thursday after falling to the “lowest level” in recent weeks. The lava erupted for more than an hour and reached a height of about 500 meters.

The Toulouse Volcanic Ash Advisory Center recorded volcanic ash reaching an altitude of 30,000 feet. Mount Etna erupts frequently, but it is also a popular tourist attraction. Some travelers just came to see the outbreak.

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