Norway to expel foreigners failing to comply with testing obligations


The Norwegian government has decided to take more stringent measures, such as expelling foreigners who fail to comply with testing and registration obligations in accordance with COVID-19 regulations and recommendations. 


Passengers will be subject to stricter precautions, including registration before entry and testing at the border. Minister of Justice and Emergency Monica Mæland emphasized that everyone, including Norwegians, will be punished if they violate exam and registration obligations. 


The Norwegian government implemented stricter entry rules on January 29 in response to the growing infection. The authorities have announced that they are assessing the situation before taking any other measures; however, strict entry restrictions will take effect on February 28.

”The infection situation in Norway, especially elsewhere in Europe, shows that, unfortunately, we still have to do our best to limit the number of people traveling here. Therefore, we will continue to implement strict entry restrictions until February 28” Mæland pointed out.

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