Spain: Andalusia’s tourism industry will grow by 6%


Tourism Minister Juan Marin said he believes that, following the “disastrous” last year, Andalusia’s tourism industry will grow by 6% this summer. 


He said: “The data we received yesterday indicate that reserves have increased in June, July and August. Through this project, we will emphasize the safety of destinations and reposition the Andalusian brand.” 


Mr. Marin said that Andalusia received only 13.3 million tourists last year, while the number of tourists received in 2019 was 32.5. 


He added: “Employment data is depressing, tourism activities are decreasing, travel agency business is down 86%, accommodation business is down 80%, air transportation business is down 70%, and the hotel industry is down 52%.” 


The politician explained that Andalucia is taking steps to attract more tourists, including updating the Andalucia brand, which has not been updated since 2016, at a cost of 3 million euros.

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