Spain extends border closure with Portugal


The Spanish government announced that due to the current coronavirus situation, border controls between Spain and Portugal will be extended until at least March 1. 


According to, until March 1, only authorized persons can cross the border. The land border inspection between Spain and Portugal, which was originally closed on January 29, will remain until the end of this month. Nevertheless, the rapid spread of new variants of COVID-19 has prompted the government to strengthen preventive measures. 


“The severity of the restrictive mobility measures still in force in Spain and Portugal justifies maintaining … controls at the internal land border … with the same limitations applied during the initial ten days,” Spain’s Interior Ministry has clarified.


Persons driving into Spain from Portugal are permitted to do so, but only if when returning to their place of habitual residence. They must also provide documentation to prove it.


Citizens returning to Portugal to their place of residence in other European Union Member States or within the Schengen Area in need to cross the border to enter Spain are also included in this decision.

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