Spain getting ready for Chinese tourists arrival


Spain is looking at the future and is preparing to welcome Chinese tourists when the coronavirus pandemic ends. 


Turespaňa is the promotion agency of the Spanish Ministry of Tourism, and it has made many plans. As long as the border blockade is allowed and as long as China considers it safe, many Chinese tourists are eager to embark on international travel. In the past, Chinese travelers tended to visit in large numbers, while large groups tended to go sightseeing and shopping in major cities such as Barcelona and Madrid. 


Other regions, especially rural areas, have not been involved in tourism. But the trend is changing, and in the future it is hoped that tourists will be more interested in small group vacations with friends or family, and they are more willing to visit smaller cities and learn about nature. 


Turespaňa established the ADVANTAGE: TOURISM program, which was jointly developed by experts from COTRI China Outbound Tourism Research Institute. The aim is to increase the number of regions visited by tourists, while saving marketing costs that can be used in other areas of Spanish tourism.

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