Spain: Seafood is always one of Catalonia’s most popular dishes


The Catalonian Department of Agriculture released statistics from recent surveys conducted on the seafood habits of the inhabitants of the autonomous region and the verdict is that fish and seafood remain indispensable items for the tables at home. 


97.5 % of Catalans consume seafood, and 58% of the population reported having fish two or more times a week.


Statistics show that 44% of respondents said this was due to the closure of bars and restaurants. 


52% of respondents said that price is the most important aspect when buying seafood. 40% of consumers know that the fish they buy there are relatively fresh, which makes them proud of supporting local fishermen. 


14% of respondents said that they buy more fish through purchase apps than before, but 31% of respondents believe that if they can place orders directly from the wholesale fish market, then this is a viable option.

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