Spain to welcome British tourists this summer


The Secretary of State for Tourism of Spain stated that Spain hopes to welcome British tourists this summer. 


Fernando Valdes said that Spain is in discussions with the European Union and economically developed organizations to agree on a vaccine passport system to increase the mobility of tourists. He emphasized that if tourists do not have evidence that they have been vaccinated, Spain will not bar tourists from entering. 


He pointed out that this will be part of a series of measures to allow British holidaymakers to return to Costa Rica. He told the Independent: “We are defending this approach and we hope to coordinate these efforts with the British government.” 


“Vaccine certificates should help us regain our ability to move, and we must supplement our work through tests and other means we have implemented to avoid spreads such as masks or social distancing.”


He added: “We believe that summer must be the beginning of the gradual resumption of international tourism to Spain, and when we hope to welcome British tourists again. Spain is ready to welcome British tourists with the warm reception we have given them in the past. We hope that European member states will find a way to open our borders with the United Kingdom.”

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