Valentine’s Day celebrations in different European countries


As Valentine’s Day approaches this weekend, we will explore other traditions that celebrate love in some European cultures. 


Paris has long been known as the “City of Love” (and for good reason), and has long been a firm choice for those who want to travel every February to celebrate love.


Over the years, although it has become tacky, sealing love through a padlock on the bridge is still an incredibly romantic gesture in France, especially on the famous Pont des Arts which connects the Louvre to the French Academy in Paris. However, today, law enforcement officers removed the old locks and forbid anyone to place new locks on the bridge after the lock puts tremendous pressure on the bridge infrastructure. Valentine’s Day is of great significance in France, because French people really like romance, so please look forward to chocolates, roses, candlelit dinners and cabaret performances all over France.

Italians have many ways to celebrate love throughout the year, but the most famous tradition is Camogli’s Lover’s Day, which takes place the week before Valentine’s Day, and the day itself ends. During the holiday season, lovers put red hearts on the city’s fishing nets with their lovers’ names, participate in poetry competitions, visit the lover’s market, and participate in the famous board painting competition. During the festive season, many local restaurants offer special dinner menus for two, including a bottle of champagne and a special dish to commemorate the occasion.

On Valentine’s Day, Denmark is full of fun. Citizens send written love poems to their relatives called : gaekkebrev- which means a “joking letter”. These poems are teased in ancient practice. According to custom, the sender signs with dots instead of names. If the receiver correctly guessed who the sender is, they will receive an egg on Easter.

In the Eastern European country of Slovenia, spring and love go hand in hand, which is why March 12 (the first day of spring) is an important day in the Slovenian calendar. Slovenians believe that these birds will get married on March 12. People call it St. Gregory’s Day. To celebrate love and the new season, they send heart-shaped honey biscuits to their loved ones.

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