WTTC: Governments should abandon the concept of high-risk countries


The World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) calls on governments to abandon the concept of “high-risk countries” and to focus on how to treat individual “high-risk travelers” at the border. 


WTTC, which represents the global travel and tourism private sector, urges governments around the world to shift their focus from entire countries to individual travelers. 

WTTC stated that, on the contrary, governments around the world should redefine their entire risk assessment methods to revive international business and leisure travel. Combining the international consensus on metrics used to assess risk, and the laser-like focus on low-cost, comprehensive, and fast departure and arrival test plans for all travelers, can pave the way for meaningful travel and return. 


Gloria Guevara, President and CEO of WTTC, said: ”Risk based on the entire country is neither effective nor productive. Redefining the risk of individual travelers will open the door to safe international travel. We need to learn from past experience and crises, such as 9-11. We cannot continue to label the entire country as’high risk’, provided that everyone is infected. Although the UK has a high infection rate, it is clear that not all British people are infected; all Americans, Spanish or French is also like this.”


According to the WTTC’s “2019 Economic Impact Report”, the tourism industry contributed US$8.9 trillion, or 10.3%, to global GDP. It accounts for one-tenth of global jobs and provides employment opportunities for 330 million people through tourism.

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