Day: March 15, 2021


Austria: Vienna will open ”Hitler Balcony” to visitors

  Austria’s “Anschluss” (the annexation of Austria by Nazi Germany) was announced by Adolf Hitler in March 1938 on a balcony in Vienna that faces Heldenplatz, the capital of Austria.    Welt quoted Monika Sommer, director of the Austrian History Museum, as saying on Saturday that the so-called Hitler balcony on Heldenplatz in Vienna will […]

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Spanish airports suffer heavy loss

  The consequences of the coronavirus pandemic are disastrous for the entire tourism industry, but in winter, the complete reduction of international travel in Europe still has a devastating impact on aviation companies, which is clearly reflected in the latest report.    Airline Aena released passenger flow data on Friday (March 12). Compared with February […]

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Portugal reopens municipal parks

  From today onwards, the people of Portugal will once again be allowed to use municipal parks and sit on benches in the garden, although it is up to various councils to decide whether there are any restrictions.    The recreational facilities have previously been closed as part of the Covid emergency lockdown measures.    […]

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UK: New sanctions targeting Syrian regime

  The UK government has marked the 10th anniversary of the Syrian uprising against Bashar Assad by imposing sanctions on six senior Syrian regime figures including Faisal Mekdad, the new Syrian foreign minister.   The UK foreign secretary, Dominic Raab, accused the six of a “wholesale assault on the people they should be protecting”.   […]

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France relaxes travel restrictions to 7 non-EU countries

  The French government announced that France will relax travel regulations to and from seven non-European countries (including the United Kingdom).    The French Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated: “From Friday, there will no longer be a need to prove a compelling reason to travel to and from Australia, South Korea, Israel, Japan, New Zealand, […]

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Italy suspends use of AstraZeneca vaccine

The Italian Medicines Agency AIFA suspended the use of AstraZeneca vaccine nationwide on Monday as a preventive measure until the European Medicines Agency and several other countries make a ruling.    At the same time, the Carabinieri NAS health police began to seize the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine from a batch that officials from the northern […]

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