Cyprus welcomes vaccinated British tourists


The Cypriot government announced this week that British travelers vaccinated with Covid-19 can visit Cyprus from May 1. Cyprus and Israel signed a similar agreement to allow Israeli tourists to enter Cyprus on April 1. 


The government said that it has notified British officials that, starting May 1, travelers who have completed the vaccination will not need to self-quarantine on arrival or show a negative PCR result against Covid-19. 


It should be pointed out that although Cyprus will begin accepting tourists from the United Kingdom on May 1, the United Kingdom will still impose travel restrictions on non-essential outbound travel until at least May 17. The Secretary of State for the Interior Priti Patel has repeatedly stated that it is “too early” to book a holiday abroad.

Savvas Perdios, Deputy Minister of Tourism, said: ”We think this is another step in the right direction, so we can ensure stability and a sense of security for travelers to start planning their vacation this summer.” 


The minister added that, however, Cyprus still has the right to conduct random checks at airports, including on those who have been vaccinated, and that health regulations, including wearing masks and safe isolation, must be respected.

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