Spain: Around 20% of population has reached COVID-19 immunity


According to a study by the famous Spanish Institute of Epidemiology, Spain’s immunity to coronavirus has reached nearly 20% of the population. 


According to statistics from the Spanish Society of Epidemiology (SEE), 19% of the population is immune to coronavirus, a total of 9.7 million people. This measure is based on a combination of people who have been vaccinated or who are sick and have acquired antibodies to fight the virus. The latest study by the research institution Carlos III Health Institute estimates that 4.7 million people have antibodies to this virus. 

Since autumn, another 2 million people have become immunized and 3 million people have been vaccinated. 


SEE spokesperson Joan Caylà told Spanish medical publication Redacción Médica that, ideally, this number should reach 70% of the population before the summer. This will reduce the number of coronavirus cases, the tourism industry will reopen, and the Spanish economy will recover.

Caylà said that people who have been infected with the virus should wait six months until they are diagnosed before being vaccinated. He pointed out the those who do not have the virus should be given priority in vaccination work.

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