Day: April 9, 2021

Europe Russia

Russia: Four people die after receiving Sputnik V vaccine

  Four people recently died in Russia shortly after taking Sputnik V anti-corona stabbing in a previously unreported case. The European Union regulator, the European Medicines Agency (EMA) in Amsterdam, is taking these measures “seriously”.  The internal case file of RosPotrebNadzor, Russia’s vaccinating agency, showed that six other Russians also experienced medical complications after being […]

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Finland Sweden

Sweden: First passenger rail line to Finland

  Although Sweden and Finland are neighboring countries, they have not been connected by passenger trains for nearly 30 years.    Nowadays, the popularity of train travel has greatly increased, partly because of concerns about the environment. In view of this, Sweden and Finland are taking important steps to establish cross-border connections through passenger trains.  […]

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France: Over 55s will not take second AstraZeneca vaccine dose

  The highest health agency in France stated that people under 55 who received the first AstraZeneca/Oxford Covid-19 vaccine should receive a second dose from another manufacturer.  Last month, the French National Health Service (HAS) stated that only people 55 years of age and older should be vaccinated with AstraZeneca/Oxford vaccine, as there have been […]

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Spain eases face masks mandatory on beaches

  When the Spanish government proposed a new law on anti-pandemic measures to become a statutory regulation nationwide, many criticisms aroused due to the establishment of mandatory masks in all public places.   The general reluctance to accept the measure in places such as beaches was emphasized. On Wednesday, the Ministry of Health and local […]

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