Portugal to introduce spa therapy for Covid-19 survivors


The Portuguese Thermal Association will “soon” introduce new therapies aimed at helping patients who survived Covid-19 recover and rehabilitate. 

The Secretary General of the Portuguese Spa Association (ATP), João Pinto Barbosa, said during the introduction of the new Termas Porto e Norte de Portugal brand “Wellnessbinar”, that Portugal’s thermal network is preparing to restart not only its usual treatment plan, but it also provides a set of “new treatments” for patients who survive Covid-19 and suffer from various sequels. Spas in Portugal are preparing for “needs after Covid-19” and are creating “new treatment programs” that are “designed to deal with the rehabilitation of patients who have survived Covid-19.” 

João Pinto Barbosa added: ”In the near future, they may find this option in the spa solutions defined by the medical and service agreements.” Barbosa pointed out that there are 21 spas in  Porto, and in Norte de Portugal. Out of the total, there are already 14 spas with the ”clean and safe” seal (the Portuguese Tourism Office credits the quality seal) in order to receive customers during the pandemic with the required security. 


Luís Pedro Martins, chairman of the Tourist Port of Northern Portugal (TPNP), said that the destination of Portugal’s Porto e Norte is ”acting to seize communities of Portuguese descendent communities” in order to make it a ”partner clients” and ”ambassadors”. Immigrate to their country’s hot tourism products”. He said: ”We want the descendants of the Portuguese to be one of the audience who promote spas in the region and find new solutions.” He mentioned, for example, that he created an ”adjusted promotion plan” based on their home country’s health insurance. 

The city of Porto, which gave its name to a generous wine produced in the Douro, Port Wine, maintains one of the most iconic historical centers in the country, classified as a World Heritage by UNESCO. On the other side of the river Douro, in Vila Nova de Gaia, are situated the cellars where the Port Wine is stored since the 18th century. 


Also in less than 2 hours from the metropolitan area of Porto it is possible to visit other equally unique cities like Guimarães, also distinguished by UNESCO, or venture into the Douro or Minho, two regions producers of excellent wines. The region of Porto and North of Portugal provides unique landscapes and conditions at the ideal distance from a short stay. 



Porto e Norte has an international airport with 65 direct connections to 25 destinations and that 14 of these are located in Europe at a distance not exceeding 4 ½ hours – the ideal distance for a short trip enabling enjoyment of your weekends and holidays in this region. According to Porto e Norte Tourism office, Porto airport offers safety and comfort, having been elected by the Airports Council International as one of the five best European airports.

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