Day: May 12, 2021


Belgium will ease Covid-19 restrictions in June

  From June 9, bars, pubs, cinemas, and leisure centres in Belgium will be able to welcome visitors indoors, according to Belgian broadcaster VRT. The government was meeting to consider loosening the limits placed to combat the outbreak of coronavirus, such as encouraging more people to gather indoors, allowing major summer gatherings, and allowing international […]

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Greece will vaccinate all people living on its islands

  In order to draw foreign visitors this summer, Greece has agreed to completely vaccinating all people on nearly 100 of its islands by the end of June. This is a departure from the country’s national vaccination policy, which prioritizes people based on their age and medical susceptibility to the coronavirus. Rhodes, Corfu, Zante, Kefalonia, […]

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EU Europe

EU: Poverty ”significant factor” in COVID-19 expansion

  According to the findings of a recent report undertaken as part of the ESPONinitiative, which specializes in EU regional policy studies, poverty is “a significant factor” in the geographical expansion of COVID-19 in several regions of Italy, France, Germany, Ireland, and the United Kingdom.   The study plots the pandemic’s spread through Europe and […]

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Italy faces floods of Mediterranean migrants

  On Monday, Lampedusa‘s migrant hotspot was flooded by the entry of 20 vessels transporting a total of 2,128 migrants to the Italian island in less than 24 hours. Four of the vessels landed overnight, transporting 635 asylum seekers. Shortly before midnight, a port authority vessel aided a fishing boat in distress with 352 people […]

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Germany: Catholic progressives will bless gay marriages

  Germany’s strong Catholic progressives are publicly defying a new Holy See declaration that priests cannot bless same-sex unions by doing so at services in more than 100 independent churches around the country this week.   The blessings at open worship services are the latest response from German Catholics to a document issued by the […]

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Auto Nio

Chinese electric car company Nio launches in Europe

  Nio, a Chinese electric vehicle maker, has announced that it will arrive in Europe later this year, with a UK launch possible.   The company’s much-anticipated entry into Europe will begin in Norway, where incentives to purchase zero-emission cars are generous and electric car adoption is among the highest in the world. Earlier this […]

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