Europe: Five countries open to American tourists


The majority of Europe remains closed to American travelers, or is too difficult to access due to coronavirus prohibitions that travel will be more of a chore than a vacation.


Travel amongst European Union countries is being made smoother for those who have been vaccinated, screened, or recovered from the outbreak, although it is unclear whether this would spread to the United States.

“The European Commission recently announced its plan for a Digital Green Certificate to reintroduce intra-EU travel.


The plan, in particular, envisions the prospect of extending the Digital Green Certificate outside EU Member States, including compliant certificates granted in other countries “The European Travel Commission’s executive officer, Eduardo Santander, said in an e-mail.

“If the United States implements a comparable scheme, American citizens’ travel to their preferred European destinations would be significantly facilitated.”

A few countries have indicated they would allow Americans to visit now, as long as they comply with COVID entry criteria, despite the confusion. This normally entails evidence of a negative result, illness recovery, or vaccine.


Americans will visit Greece from April 19 as part of a phased reopening. A full reopening is scheduled for mid-May. Visitors could be subject to a random coronavirus test if they have a negative PCR test within 72 hours of arrival or evidence of vaccination at least 14 days before arriving. Before entering the country, visitors must complete a passenger location form.

The US Embassy and Consulate in Greece has issued a statement warning that the country is still under lockdown and that travel is prohibited.

Fines are imposed on those who break the laws for wearing a mask, social distancing, and limiting travel.


People of the United States are permitted to enter Iceland provided they are sufficiently vaccinated against the coronavirus or can provide evidence of previous infection.

Except if they’ve been vaccinated or cured, guests must take a coronavirus examination before they arrive and wait for the diagnosis, which will take between six to 24 hours to arrive at their lodging.

The research law is provisional, according to Visit Iceland, which will be tested on May 1.

It is necessary to register ahead of time.


To visit Montenegro, which also has an overnight curfew, Americans must have a negative PCR screening or evidence of vaccination.

Bars and restaurants are open from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m., but seating capacity is minimal at each table.

National parks are also available, but nightclubs and large parties are prohibited.

Some intercity travel limits are also in force, according to the US Embassy.


The European Union includes the Mediterranean island of Cyprus, which is located west of Syria and south of Turkey.

On April 1, it reopened to travelers from the United States who had passed a coronavirus screening.

A “Cyprus Flight Pass” must be filled out in advance for visitors.

American travelers arriving in Cyprus after April 19 will need to get a new coronavirus screening, according to the US Embassy.


With evidence of complete vaccination, Americans will travel to the country between Turkey and Russia.

Non-vaccinated passengers can only travel direct from those countries and must pass a negative coronavirus screening within 72 hours, as well as a second test on the third day of their stay.

According to the US Embassy, there is a curfew in place and fines for not wearing a mask.

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