Portugal: Cheaper Covid-19 tests for travel


EasyJet has announced an alliance with Unilabs, one of Europe’s leading diagnostic services providers, with the aim of making Covid-19 testing more available to passengers departing from Portugal and Spain.


“This partnership would enable easyJet customers to have access to accurate checks when these are needed for entry into countries where the company flies,” according to a press release. 

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“In this regard, easyJet passengers in Portugal and Spain will be able to get a 15% discount on the test number while booking via the airline’s website. They will be given a special code that they can use to make a reservation at one of the Unilabs collection centres”.


This easyJet and Unilabs testing advantage has been in operation in Switzerland since April, and it is currently being developed in other countries, which will be revealed soon.


“We are at a critical stage for the revival of the Tourism and Transport sectors,” José Lopes, General Director of easyJet for Portugal, says. “It is very important to enter initiatives in order to give those who fly swift and affordable options for their travel.”


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“For this intention, and in order to ensure that our customers can travel safely this summer, we are pleased to announce our collaboration with Unilabs. Through doing so, easyJet reaffirms its commitment to making passenger travel more comfortable and secure by providing them with quick and easy access to Covid-19 tests”. 

“We are excited to establish this relationship with easyJet,” said Unilabs Commercial Director Martin Schlatter. This deal is now available to passengers boarding a business aircraft in the Iberian Peninsula. This is unquestionably a significant step toward assisting people in resuming their journeys. As this resumption is felt, this offer allows travellers to access our Covid-19 tests quickly, effectively and reliably.”


PCR tests, as well as antigen and serology tests, are available at Unilabs.

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