Day: June 1, 2021


France starts Covid-19 vaccination for all adults

  Starting Monday, any adult in France can get vaccinated against Covid-19, regardless of age or the presence of a pre-existing medical condition. You can be immunized if you are 18 or older and willing to wait. The penultimate group in the French vaccination line, which began moving ahead in December, was supposed to be […]

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Bulgaria: Perfect holiday destination on a budget

  Bulgaria is the latest EU country to reopen to tourists from outside the EU, enabling travelers from over 80 nations, including Canadians and Americans, to come for pleasure.   Bulgaria, like its forward-thinking neighbors Greece and Croatia, has opted not to wait for the EU’s ‘Digital Green Certificate,’ which is set to begin in […]

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Austria: Tension rises between government and Islamic organisations

  A top Muslim organisation in Austria wants to sue Chancellor Sebastian Kurz‘s administration for releasing a divisive “Islam map”.   Muslim Youth Austria, according to Austrian media sources, chastised the government for releasing a “political Islam map” that shows the locations of mosques and Muslim organisations around the country.   On Saturday, the organisation […]

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Greece predicts very few bookings in June

  According to, tourism officials and groups anticipate a major increase in visitor numbers to Greece starting in late June or early July. In an interview with the state-run Athens-Macedonian News Agency, the deputy president of the Greek hoteliers union, Christina Tetradi spoke of a “nonexistent” May and very few bookings in June with […]

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Italy opens to all travelers from June 1

  From Tuesday, travelers from a variety of nations will be able to fly to Italy without having a valid cause. Italy, as one of Europe’s most popular vacation spots, is undoubtedly hoping that reopening now would salvage some of its summer season.   In May, Italy reopened to EU and Schengen tourists, as well […]

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What is the EU Digital Covid Certificate?

  People will be allowed to travel across European borders using a health passport starting July 1st, which will serve as verification of a person’s health condition. Here’s the latest on how to travel Europe this summer, in light of the new official agreement between all EU countries.   The Permanent Representatives Committee of the […]

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