Portugal: New online volunteer platform in Portimão


Portimão Council has announced the establishment of an online volunteer portal that will serve as a gathering place for those wishing to contribute their “time, talents, or expertise” to local organizations in need of volunteers.

Citizens in the area may join up online by simply filling out a digital form with their personal information. They will subsequently be entered into the municipal volunteer database, which will be overseen by a staff of council employees.


Sign-ups will also be able to discover which local organizations have applied for volunteer assistance and contact them.


Institutions in the area can also join up by completing a supplementary form.


The portal, which can be accessed by selecting ‘Quero ser voluntário’ on the local council’s site (www.cm-portimao.pt), also offers information on volunteer activity, ranging from law to national and international news.

Meanwhile, the local council has announced that the Municipal Volunteer Award (Prémio Municipal de Voluntariado), which aims to encourage initiatives in the borough that rely on volunteer labour, is now taking registrations on its website. Registration will be open till the 15th of October.


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