Portugal: The most expensive cities to buy a house


The most exclusive municipality in Portugal for purchasing a home, with the most costly square metre in the country, is Lisbon.


According to a survey by idealista, Portugal’s property marketplace, landlords in the city are demanding an average of €4,898 per square metre (€/m2).

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Cascais (3,691 Euros/m2), Grândola (3,376 Euros/m2), Loulé (3,026 Euros/m2), and Porto (3,026 Euros/m2) round out the top five most expensive municipalities. Oeiras, in Lisbon, is in sixth position, with a square metre costing €2,997.


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The municipalities of Lagos (2,699 euros/m2), Lagoa (2,672 euros/m2), Sesimbra (2,545 euros/m2), and Albufeira (2,438 euros/m2) are all under 3,000 euros per square metre.


The ranking continues with the districts of Loures (2,179 euros/m2) and Amadora (2,170 euros/m2) in Lisbon. Portimão (2,108 euros/m2), Almada (2,073 euros/m2), Silves (2,039 euros/m2), Vila Real de Santo António and Faro (2,029 euros/m2 in both municipalities), Funchal (2,018 euros/m2), and Olhão (2,004 euros/m2) are the next municipalities.


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The municipalities of Espinho (2,002 euros/m2), Alcochete (1,968 euros/m2), and Nazaré (1,957 euros/m2) are in the bottom three of the ranking.

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Idealista’s research also identified the most exclusive neighborhoods in each district in Portugal. Montemor-o-Novo in Évora (1,890 euros/m2), Coimbra (1,736 euros/m2), Esposende in Braga (1,564 euros/m2), Odemira in Beja (1,500 euros/m2), Viana do Castelo (1,238 euros/m2), and Vila Real (1,165 euros/m2) round out the top 25 districts with municipalities in the top 25.


On the other hand, Guarda is the municipality on our list where buying a property is the cheapest: 713 euros/m2. Following that are Portalegre’s Ponte de Sor (735 euros/m2), Castelo Branco (796 euros/m2), Bragança’s Mirandela (828 euros/m2), Santarém’s Benavente (1,105 euros/m2), and Viseu’s Viseu (1,111 euros/m2).



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